Software Testing

Manual testing as we all know the most important and primitive type of testing in which the software is tested manually without any help of automation tools and for any software manual testing is done before using the automation tools. it is not important that you have knowledge about any testing tool to learn manual testing

One of the Software Testing Fundamentals is “100% Testing is not possible”. This makes the Manual Testing imperative and different from others.

Testing Types:

We have 2 types of testing i.e Black Box Testing & White Box Testing. Manual testing is part of Black Box Testing. It is also known as functional testing.

Combination of Black Box Testing & White Box Testing is known as Gray Box Testing.

Automation testing is basically to test the application by using any automation tools i.e Selenium or UFT. Under Black box testing we perform different types of testing i.e Sanity Testing, Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Non Functional Testing (i.e, Performance, Security, GUI, Usability, Accessibility) but on broader term Important test phases are

Unit Testing

Integration Testing

System Testing

Acceptance Testing

Sometime we got confuse about automation testing is it part of black box testing or white box testing. Automation testing is part of black box testing and it is used to reduce the test case execution time cycle during regression testing. It is useful for only those project which is long term and every month build or new changes are deployed on the website. For short term project there is no use of automation testing.

How to perform Manual Testing Read and understand the software project documentation/guides. Also, study the Application Under Test (AUT) if available.

Draft Test cases that cover all the requirements mentioned in the documentation. Review and baseline the test cases with Team Lead, Client (as applicable) Execute the test cases on the AUT Report bugs.

Once bugs are fixed, again execute the failing test cases to verify they pass. according to the people, there is a myth about manual testing that it is very difficult that no automation tools are used in this testing but the fact is manual testing is very easy but you have all the knowledge about manual testing if you don’t have a proper understanding of manual testing training it’s obvious that it will be difficult. for that knowledge, you have to train yourself and gain that knowledge of software quality testing training so there are many manual testing training institutes in Noida for best manual testing training in Noida will provide you, proper Classes and course for the training. for the best knowledge of and training of software quality testing, you have to choose the best manual testing training institute in Noida that will give you manual testing certification also and provide you proper guidance and practical knowledge of manual testing and give you live project to work which will give you proper clarity about software quality testing.

Automation Testing Training

As we all know how important is testing for a project to know that everything which is done on the project is working or not and there will be no errors and if there are you need to solve them in the process also for that we use testing processes and tools to test and to solve .automation testing is also one of the testing Technique which we use. Automation testing is a Software testing technique to test and compare the actual output with the expected output. This can be achieved by writing test scripts or using any automation testing tool. Test automation is used to automate repetitive tasks and other testing tasks which are difficult to perform manually. The main goal of Automation testing is to increase efficiency and develop software value.

Automation testing processes to test the application through any tool. Widely used automation testing tools are selenium & UFT (Unified functional testing). UFT is a licensed tool while selenium is open-source. Most of the start-up and mid-level organizations are using Selenium. Selenium got popular due to saving of License cost for the automation Tool. the industry is changing rapidly towards automation so in the current scenario, every tester required hands-on experience in selenium.

As I got a frequent question from students is it right automation will replace the manual tester job? Can i become an automation tester as I don’t know to code? Where we can use the automation tool? which is the best institute for selenium training or automation testing training? what is the selenium training cost

To answer the above question Askme training Noida which provides the best Automation testing training in Noida and Delhi NCR Selenium with java training in Noida and python training and the other answers are The Automation tool can’t replace the manual tester job at all. We have to first stable the application functionality from Manual testing. Automation testing can’t find the bug which we can find after testing the application manually and performing the different steps from our mind. Automation testing is not feasible for a short term project. Once application functionality is stable and every month build is going on live site then we can go for automation testing. Whenever any build is released to the live site we have to make sure the existing functionality of the application is not affected due to new enhancement or bug fixes. We have a set of an important test case of a regression suite that is mandatory to run at least once before going live. To reduce the execution time cycle of regression testing we use automation testing.

Yes, you need to learn to code to become an automation tester. We teach coding from basic to intermediate levels in a very effective and easy method. Our instructors are so confident that they can train to code any student whose analytical skill is good and ready to accept the challenge of the fear of coding. Askme offers Selenium with Python and Selenium with Java courses. To start Selenium we first trained enough in coding in anyone of language i.e Python or Java then move into Selenium.that will help students to learn easily with this. Askme training is the best institute for automation testing training in Noida